35 Photoshoot Locations Around Atlanta

Stacey Schneider
7 min readJun 27, 2017

Atlanta is a big, green city with lots of great parks and locations for family photography. In truth, almost anywhere with adequate light will work, but finding a place that has some variety, uniqueness and isn’t too far to hike — especially for those with props or short legs in tow — is critical information to make sure your family photo session is beautiful and enjoyable. Photo sessions should be a fun family activity, not an ordeal.

As experienced family photographers in the Atlanta area, we have the sweat equity to recommend a curated list of accessible, fun locations around Atlanta for a family photoshoot. Here it is, in no particular order:

Roswell Mill

© Kasey Keown Photography

Address: 95 Mill St, Roswell, GA 30075
Permit Required: $50
Roswell Mill is a scenic landmark featuring a historic mill, covered bridge & a man-made waterfall. Hiking trails also offer many places for beautiful nature shots among the trees, rocks and flowers. The area is a photographer’s pleasure as there are lots of rustic, clean places covered in shade (which is best for photo editing and to avoid squinty eyes). It also has bathrooms and is an easy walk from the ample parking lot.

Piedmont Park

© Kasey Keown Photography

Address: Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30309
Atlanta’s largest park offers a huge variety of locations, blending nature and the picturesque Atlanta skyline in the background. The park sports a lake, trees, fields and flowers, offering a variety of settings in a single shoot, and compositing nature and the distinct setting of the city of Atlanta in every shot. This combination makes it a winner for engagement photoshoots, family photoshoots and senior photos alike. Its central location, versatility and affinity for Atlanta makes it one of our favorite locations to shoot.

Oakland Cemetery

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